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Water Softener 4/11: What about Fleck or Clack System?

Fleck & Clack system seems to come up for discussion several times on threads related to softeners. Something i thought i would share that may help someone here: there is no doubt, fleck control is one of the popular, reliable and budget friendly option available on the market for residential systems.

It is originally developed by Fleckenstein inc now owned by Pentair. Please note that fleck is just a control and resin & brine tanks are typically manufactured by other companies and carry different warranties that vary from control valve warranty itself. That is the reason you will see several companies (sellers) labelling their systems as fleck systems while in fact what they may be meaning by it is, they are selling their own softener ( by putting fleck valve and sourcing resin and brine tanks from others) with fleck control.

Similarly, Clack doesn't sell full water softener systems as they are OEM (manufacturer & distributor) for control valves and but unlike Fleck they also manufacture other softener components like brine tank, media etc. It is totally up to to them ( resellers of these parts) how they want to configure. There are numerous companies including individuals that use these components to put together a Clack Valve Softener system, brand it, market it, price it and provide support in their own way . Nothing wrong with it. Just trying to demystify what to understand / expect when when we talk about clack system.

Given this, while there are other systems ( some better than fleck / Clack, some on par and some not as good as fleck / Clack), if you are in market for fleck / Clack control system, it is important where you buy from as not all sellers provide same kind of warranty support and may not be in business when you need some kind of support from them. Hope this helps someone out here looking for information. Some good companies have been in business for a while that are selling fleck / Clack control systems online. Suggest do your own research and decided where to purchase it from. Since, each buyer has their own comfort, would like to avoid getting into that territory.

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